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Q002 – La ilaha illa-llah – There is only one God

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This lesson teaches the meaning and importance of Lā ilāha illa-llāh. Also, the Arabic words and grammar behind this.


  1. Lā ilāha illa-llāh means – “There is none worthy of worship, except Allah”, Or “There is ONLY ONE God worthy of worship”.
  2. One must testify and continue to believe in it to be a Muslim.
  3. This is first part of Shahada, which is the declaration of faith.
  4. Muslim must contemplate, and repeat it sincerely, as often as possible, to renew faith, and attain paradise.

Arabic Lesson:

This lesson also teaches some Arabic. It covers the following words and usage.

The words are:

  1. لآ (lā) which means, “no
  2. إلٰه (ilāha) which means, “god” or “deity
  3. إلّا illa  which means, “except” or “but
  4. الله (Allāh)  which means “God”, God in Arabic
  5. أَوْلادُ (Awlad)  which means “children”
  6. مَدْرَسَة (Madrasa) which means “school”
  7. هَلْ (Hal) which means “Is..?”, the question
  8. في (Fi) which means “in”


Make sure you watch the next lesson which teaches the second part of the Shahada.

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