Abdul Kader

Our Vision

Teach the Quran and Islam through simple bite-size lessons that are suitable for all ages including kids.

Problem Statement

Today, we have so many resources to understand the Quran. Yet, it is the least understood divine book. Unfortunately, many assume that they understand the Quran well enough and do not put any effort to understand the message of the Quran.


Today we got very busy lives and do not have time for ourselves or for our children. However, we live in an age that gives many easy and accessible tools that make any kind of learning easy. This is the premise of the birth of our mission.


Develop bite-size independent lessons to build a strong foundational understanding of the Quran. The lessons that teach foundation while developing enthusiasm into the Quran learning that can lead to bigger things.

Each lesson is comprised of a short-video, summary sheet (pdf) and Arabic practice sheet (pdf). While it is independent, it lays the foundation for learning a larger topic.


All our material is produced from authentic sources such as Tafsir Ibn Kathir, widely accepted translations such as by team at Sahih International, Br. Yusuf Ali, Br. Muhsin Khan, Br. Abdul Haleem and authentic Hadeeth. All content is reviewed by multiple members.

Our content is sometimes oversimplified to address the young children of ages around 10. Our intention is to build a foundation that can lead to further study.

Our Style

We have adopted a unique style of combining meaning with Arabic language lessons. SO, our lessons are different from many videos that are out there on Quran and Arabic. The key benefits of our format are –

  1. They are bite-size lessons in simple language to serve all age groups from 8-year old and up. Each lesson is less than 10 minutes long and focuses on just one small topic.
  2. Most Muslims do not speak or understand Arabic. It is the biggest roadblock for us in connecting with Allah through our Salat, prayer, and in listening to or reciting the Quran. The best thing is to formally learn Arabic, but in the meantime, it is important to get familiar with the basics of the language. In this way we can establish a deeper connection through our worship.

We ask Allah (SAW) to forgive us for our shortcomings, and help us succeed in our mission! (Ameen)

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